About Us


Dirk Garrels was a fashion buyer for one of the largest home shopping channels in Europe and shortly after he founded his own company in 2002, he and a team of 3 designers created shapewear pants. These particular pants marked the beginning of one of the world's first seamless shapewear brands. Dirk is proud to help millions of women become more self-confident with his fashion! Vercella Vita attaches particular importance to being able to offer every woman the right piece of clothing - regardless of her figure, age and size - with a Vercella Vita article that meets the needs of women. Dirk Garrels says: “There are so many women out there who are dissatisfied with their reflection in the mirror. That makes me sad, because every woman is very special and beautiful in her own way - and Vercella Vita can sometimes provide the little necessary confidence boost!

Emphasizes your elegance