Shapewear Guide

How to put on

All products are put on from the feet. Simply step in and pull the item of clothing up.

This takes the soft connective tissue with it, allowing it to be redistributed from the bottom up and shaping the figure in a single, consistent curve.

Additionally, for tops you have to pull up the underbust support zone right till under your bust and place your bust in the cups


Before wearing your product for the first time, give it a good stretch.

Product FAQ

Between two sizes?
If in doubt, we recommend choosing the next size up to get the best possible fit.

Over 6 ft tall?
If you are over 6 ft tall, please order tops and bodysuits in a size larger.

How to wash?
The washing instructions are knitted into the waistbands of the garments. Please do not use fabric softener as this would destroy the elasticity of the yarns.

Fluctuating body weight?
Thanks to the quality multi-fibre yarn of our Vercella Vita products, you can continue to wear the size you choose if you gain or lose a few pounds. The bi-elastic material tolerates fluctuation in weight and fits perfectly to your body.

What about jewellery?
Please take off your jewellery when taking on our garments. Also, be careful when having long fingernails.

Large cup size?
If your cup size is D or larger but your size is only S = 8-10 or M = 12-14, please order Vercella Vita upper garments in a size larger.


To enhance and support cleavage properly, our products feature specially stitched areas in the soft cups to guarantee a great fit all day.

Covered Waistband
Integrated into the garment, this kind of waistband always feels wonderful against the skin. As washing and size instructions are knitted into it, there aren't any labels that might rub against your skin.

Bottom Power Lifting
The push-up zone in the bum area visually lifts the bottom and gives it a great shape.

The gathering between the soft cups ensures your bustline stays where it belongs all day long.

X-Back Support
Shaping goes hand-in-hand with support. These crossed additions to our garments help the back and the spine stays strong.

Underbust Support
The underbust support replaces the "regular" underwiring. It perfectly adapts to the shape of your bustline and gives the bust extra support while enhancing feminine curves.

Some selected products also have a very convenient "stay-put" feature. A silicone band is attached to the inside of the waistband which prevents garments from sliding around or riding up.

Triangular Tummy Panel
Triangular panels on the front flatten the tummy and keep it comfortably in check. As the panels are stitched in, they move with the body.

Soft Cups
 The soft cups are super comfortable and provide your bust with a natural round shape.

Size Chart

Our products have double sizes from S up to 3XL. If you are not sure which size to order, please consult our conversion chart.
All sizes are approximate!

Control Levels

Our products are classified into three levels.
The levels range from 1 to 3 and offer you a clear description of the support level of a garment – you can choose from a light control up to a strong control depending on your needs.

Level 1 – Light control
All-round gentle hold with a light and comfortable control level.

Level 2 – Medium control
Compactly knitted garments with a comfortable and medium support to give your shape a smoother look.

Level 3 – Strong control
Here you can choose between three variations:

Strong bust control – strong control in the bust area is given by enhanced paneling to offer even bigger cup sizes the perfect hold.
Please note: The strong control does not apply to the other areas – tummy, waist and hip feature the medium all over control.

Strong tummy control – strong control in the tummy area is guaranteed by special reinforced knitting.
Please note: The strong control does not apply to the other areas – bust and hip feature a medium all over control.

Strong allover control – these garments offer maximum support with a strong level of strength in all areas – bust, hip, waist and tummy.

However, as it is with everything in the Vercella Vita collection, once you are wearing the garment, the warmth of your body will allow the material to stretch enough. Even as a “Strong Girl” you will still feel comfortable and you will love the smoother, firmer looking you ;-)


Why choose Vercella Vita?
The super-soft yarn together with the exquisite designs ensure a totally new sense of life. The Vercella Vita products have special, very detailed panels with many different strengths to ensure women’s curves are shaped in a flattering way. Your shape or size doesn’t matter – Vercella Vita offers shapewear from sizes S - 3XL.

Step into your Vercella Vita piece and you will feel divine! Moreover, the items are created in Europe with European yarns, ensuring that ethical and environmental principles are kept – so wear Vercella Vita with a good conscience!

The products are continuously tested by Intertek before they are going to be on air and on the market.
Furthermore, all our products feature the Oeko-Tex certificate which confirms the health safety of our products.

We rely on state-of-the-art production technology.
Because of that the knitting machinies are computer controlled and are able to produce even complex items of clothing seamlessly in one piece.

Made in Europe
We set very high standards in terms of the quality of workmanship of the collection. That's why the garments are made in Europe. The products are made of the finest fabrics and yarns and are therefore of the best quality you can imagine.