Why choose Vercella Vita?
The super-soft yarn together with the exquisite designs ensure a totally new sense of life. The Vercella Vita products have special, very detailed panels with many different strengths to ensure women’s curves are shaped in a flattering way. Your shape or size doesn’t matter – Vercella Vita offers shapewear from sizes S - 3XL.

Step into your Vercella Vita piece and you will feel divine! Moreover, the items are created in Europe with European yarns, ensuring that ethical and environmental principles are kept – so wear Vercella Vita with a good conscience!

The products are continuously tested by Intertek before they are going to be on air and on the market.
Furthermore, all our products feature the Oeko-Tex certificate which confirms the health safety of our products.

We rely on state-of-the-art production technology.
Because of that the knitting machinies are computer controlled and are able to produce even complex items of clothing seamlessly in one piece.

Made in Europe
We set very high standards in terms of the quality of workmanship of the collection. That's why the garments are made in Europe. The products are made of the finest fabrics and yarns and are therefore of the best quality you can imagine.