Strong Control Men`s Posture Shirt
Vercella Vita Compression Wear specializes on high-quality. Our compression shirts are the result of a lengthy production phase, which combines physiotherapy and competitive sports experience. This experience combined with high-tech fibre leads to our outstanding Vercella Vita wearing comfort. Thanks to compression and cooling zones, the Compression Wear for men is especially suited for sports and for everyday long wearing periods. The shirts shape the upper body, correct posture and regulate the body temperature. Recommendation In cases of an intermediate size it is advisable to select a number more largely! Before wearing this item for the first time give it a good stretch. The material needs approx. 3 - 4 days to adapt optimally. All our items are machine washable at 30°. Please do not use fabric softener. Key Features Shapes and enhances upper body posture Regulates body heat Reduces fatigue through less muscle oscillation Breathable high-tech fabric provides great wearing comfort Unique wearing comfort under business attire and during intense activity Material that stretches in two directions to shape and bring problem areas under control Soft multi-microfiber yarn for wonderful all-day comfort No uncomfortable tags (washing and size instructions are knitted into the waistband) Made in Italy