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History of the Vercella Vita range

Dirk has been fashion buyer for one of the biggest home shopping channels in Europe and soon after he started his own business in 2002. Together with a team of 3 female designers he created a slimming pant. This particular pant has been the beginning of one of the first seamless shapewear brands in the world. Since 2011 he got assistance from Jana whose inspiration was to provide each woman – regardless of her shape,

age and size – with a Vercella Vita item that fits the women’s needs. “There are so many women out there who are dissatisfied with their reflection and belittle themselves. This makes me sad because every woman is special and beautiful in her own way and sometimes we just need a little confidence booster like Vercella Vita.”



Dirk Garrels -
Managing Director

Dirk founded the company in August 2002 and is proud of giving millions of women self-confidence and satisfaction.

As Managing Director Dirk is responsible for all administrative tasks including personnel, accounting, taxes, strategies, analysis etc.

During his time off, he loves reading books and magazines and travelling around the world. Also, he enjoys working in the garden and meeting friends.

Christa Kottmann -
Office Assistant

Since autumn 2016 Christa is part of the Vercella Vita team. She keeps track of the inventory as well as assists Dirk and Jana in all sorts of administrative tasks.

Every 6 months she spends 3 weeks on her beloved island in the North Sea (of course, her white shepherd is in on it as well ;-)) and dreams of her own little bungalow including garden and enough room for her huge collection of books.

Jana Schmidt -
Head of International Business

Jana joined the MPS team in August 2011 and enjoys working with the Vercella Vita team every single day… ;-)

One of Jana’s responsibilities is to meet with manufacturers and suppliers and select the right products for all different shapes and sizes. Afterwards, she presents those items to the shopping channels, have them tested by Intertek, put them on the web and so on till they finally be presented in the different shows. 

Another task of her is to keep in touch with the consumers over facebook and twitter and answer their questions thoroughly, in an honest way and as soon as possible.. 

In her free time she enjoys reading a good thriller or going for a run after an exhausting working day or business trip.