Control Levels

Our products are classified in three levels.
The levels range from 1 to 3 and offer you a clear description of the support level of a garment – you can choose from a light control up to a strong control depending on your needs.

Level 1 – Light control

All round gentle hold with a light and comfortable control level.

Level 2 – Medium control

Compactly knitted garments with a comfortable and medium support to give your shape a smoother look.

Level 3 – Strong control

Here you can choose between three variations:

Strong bust control – strong control in the bust area is given by enhanced paneling to offer even bigger cup sizes the perfect hold.
Please note: The strong control does not apply to the other areas – tummy, waist and hip feature the medium all over control.

Strong tummy control – strong control in the tummy area is guaranteed by special reinforced knitting.
Please note: The strong control does not apply to the other areas – bust and hip feature a medium all over control.

Strong allover control – these garments offer maximum support with a strong level of strength in all areas – bust, hip, waist and tummy.

However, as it is with everything in the Vercella Vita collection, once you are wearing the garment, the warmth of your body will allow the material to stretch enough. Even as a “Strong Girl” you will still feel comfortable and you will love the smoother, firmer looking you ;-)